About Principal

Dr. Hemant Kumar Jain is a passionate academician with more than 26 years of academic experience (24.6 Years at degree/PG level and 1.7 years at diploma level). He has handled various important profiles in academics and administration. He pursued his Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree from renowned universities. He has also successfully completed Jr. Diploma in Yoga (Part time) & 06 Professional Certifications from IIT/ International university/ reputed institutes. He has also completed 26 FDPs. / Training sessions.

He delivered 47 lectures as a Resource Person/ Speaker in Conference/ Seminar/ Webinar/ Workshop and prepared 11 Educational Resources/ video for the students. He has also chaired 9 sessions. Earlier, he has worked as a coordinator of UHV cell & Yoga center.

His current research includes Pharmaceutical Analysis, stability indicating Assay method and QSAR. He has published 65 research articles and presented more than 49 papers in international and national conferences, Authored 3 books. He has fetched the Grants of more than 16 lakh rupees. He has Delivered 35 guest lectures on different platforms. He has 39 Organized Workshop/ Seminars/ Camp/ Webinars/ Awareness program. He usually conducts at least 3 Student Activities per year. He has Coordinated 04 Courses at college level. He has received 6 Awards, 08 Appreciations and signed 02 MoUs. He has guided 04 Ph.D. candidates and 48 PG Research projects.

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