Rules & Regulations – Admission – Academic Year 2022


1) Applicaon for admission to all courses must be made on the prescribed applicaon form only. Photocopies of the form are unacceptable.
2) All admissions are confirmed subject to the candidate fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and payment of requisite fees.
Admission is NOT transferable to any other individual.


Regular class attendance of minimum 80% is mandatory and a student is responsible for all the work, including tests, assignments, field work, project, written work of all classes. Absence from test / exams / tutorials & non-submission of assignments, case presentation on time, will lead to disciplinary action.


1) No student is allowed to enter the class / knock at the door or leave the class once the Faculty is in the classroom. Students cannot request the
Faculty for cancellation of lectures. Peeping into classrooms, gesticulating and so on while the lectures are in progress are construed as acts of
2) Smoking, consumption of tobacco, alcoholic drinks and drugs are strictly prohibited / not allowed.
3) Use of mobile phones & other Digital devices is prohibited during practicals & Lectures.
4) Students should conform to the prescribed decorum and always be in modest & conservative attire. Wearing apron is mandatory during
practicals & clinics. Grooming & Style should be practical & allow one’s duties to be performed without embarrassment & inconvenience.
5) Students should keep themselves abreast of the day-to-day activities of the College & abide by all the communication put up on the notice
6) Misbehaviour, late coming, disobedience, absenteeism, consumption of drugs & alcohol, malpractice, cheating in exams will automatically
lead to disciplinary action.
7) The College Principal & Directors are empowered to impose fine for any misconduct as and when warranted and justified.
8) Academic Progression including Aendance, Academic Record & Disciplinary Record will be sent to the parents for informaon. It is
expected that parents take cognizance of the same & report to the College & meet the Principal as & when requested through Leer / Mail /
Phone / SMS.
9) Students must carry their Identity Card at all times, in the College premises / Clinics and during official visits.
10) Every student must notify the College office of any change in name, address or contact number. Failure to do so can cause serious delay in the
handling of the student’s records and in notification of emergencies at home.
11) The College authories cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss of belongings of the students.
12) The student should not participate in any political or anti-social activities, otherwise the student is liable to be expelled from the college.
13) Ragging is strictly prohibited and shall aract penal acon as defined by the Government / College rules.
14) For any breach of conduct outside or inside the College, the student is liable to punishment as per the rules and regulations.
15) The College reserves the right to demand compensaon, equivalent property to the original price, for equipment, component or instrument
damaged by student.
16) Students are advised to use IT facilies to the fullest extent possible in order to improve their overall technical skills.
17) Each class will have two students selected as Class Representaves and two more students to be a part of the College Discipline Commiee.
They are expected to report to the Faculty-in-Charge on a day-to-day basis & when necessary directly to the Principal / Director. Students
who have any problem or grievances can directly approach the faculty members / Professors / Principal / Directors for a fair resoluon.
18) The rules and regulaons of Local / State / Central Government Bodies and that of the College should be strictly adhered to. The rules laid
down by competent authority such as MUHS, ARA, Maharashtra OT & PT Council and the College authority shall be applicable from me to
me and shall be binding to all the students.
19) The College reserves the right to amend, modify and change all norms, rules and regulations from time to time.
20) In case of disputes, the decision of the College head shall be treated as final. All litigations are subject to Pune jurisdiction only
21) For admission related and other information, please visit competent authority website regularly.


Students are directed to submit medical fitness cerficate.
1) It is in the interest of the students that if anyone has any serious health problems, they should not take admission in our College because the
College is not liable for their medical problems. However, if anyone develops this kind of illness during the Course, it should be brought to the
notice of the College Immediately.
2) Any medical emergency, if arises, is likely to be managed with hospitalization. Students are expected to take care of themselves.


Students should submit certified mark sheets of the qualifying examinations whenever applicable failing which the allotted admission stands cancelled automatically. In case any Board / University has not declared the results by then, the Principal of the College where the student studied should personally write to the Director / Principal of the college explaining the correct situation and the Principal / Director will take appropriate decision in the interest of the applicant. No refund of fees will be permissible in such cases. In case, any discrepancy is found at any stage of document / mark-sheet verification by college / authorities, the admission of the student will be cancelled. No fee refund will be permissible in such cases.


In case of the students belonging to Government declared reserved category, if the fee concession / scholarship cannot be availed due to insufficient documents / late submission of the documents / noncompliance with provisions of prevailing acts and rules and regulaons of government bodies / changes in the government rules regarding eligibility criteria for such fees concession or scholarship, the students will have to pay the full fees of the course in which they have taken the admission. Non payment of full fees will automacally result into cancellaon of the admission of the student and further deemed suitable disciplinary acon against the student by the college.


1) All fees are payable by Cash / Demand drafts / Account Transfer / Card Swap. Cheques are NOT accepted.
2) Fees for the course should be paid to ‘Suryadatta Education Foundation’
3) Please contact admin office for fees structure.
4) Prospectus and Admission form Charges once paid will not be refunded.
5) Full fees are to be paid before joining the college.
6) Students must clear all dues, monetary or otherwise, as notified by the college.
7) Once admission is confirmed and course has commenced, student must pay the entire course fee as per the schedule. Late fees charges as applicable, shall be charged for delays.
8) Eligibility and other university fees will be paid separately by the candidate other than the academic fees.
9) There will be no refund of fees after cut-off date as declared by the respective competent authority
10) The Candidate who has been admitted and desires to cancel admission, he/she should submit application. Refund of fees will be as per guidelines of competent authority.
11) No capitation fees is charged for admission to any course offered by Suryadatta.

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